Short interview with the king of the Testautomation, Marcin Grzejszczak – Pivotal, about the Spring Cloud Pipeline!

What do you expect from sharing and discussing your experiences with the Spring Cloud Pipeline Project?
I expect receiving feedback about the presented Continuous Delivery flow. Also about the project as such. I would like to hear what are other people’s stories from the trenches. I would like to start a discussion on the topic of API tests and rollback tests.

Why is test automation so important in Agile projects? Could an Agile project survive without test Automation?
Test automation is critical regardless whether you’re doing agile or not. However when you’re doing agile, you want to have fast feedback. There’s no better way to get fast feedback other than automated process of testing. Also any manual work might lead to mistakes, cause making mistakes is part of human’s nature. That’s why it’s best to automate such a process and spend the time on writing business features with smaller chances of introducing bugs.

Are microservices just another approach to implement SOA, and do they need an new testing approach?
I heard a statement that microservices are actually SOA done right. That seems like a good definition. Do they need new testing approaches? Not really, but since in microservices there are many moving parts one needs to have better debugging tools (like distributed tracing) and good testing tools (e.g. contract testing).


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